Public Lectures

24th April 2015, Iron from the sky: the presence and perception of iron in ancient Egypt, The American Research Center in Egypt 66th Annual Meeting, Houston, Texas, USA.
10th April 2014 Current Research in Egyptology XV, Irons in the fire: iron working in early Egypt, lecture.
7th November 2013 Archaeological Science Symposium 2013, University of Manchester, Iron from the sky: meteorites in ancient Egypt, lecture.
1st Sept 2013 Essex Egyptology Group,  Meteorites in ancient Egypt, an invited 90 minute lecture.
19th April 2013 The Royal Society, a public history of science lecture,  Iron from the Sky: the potential influence of meteorites on ancient Egyptian culture, invited lecture, watch it here:
29th-30th Aug 2012 Palaeopathology in Egypt and Nubia: A Century in Review, Natural History Museum, London, UK, D. Johnson, M.M Grady, T. Lowe and J. Tyldesley, Microstructural analysis of a predynastic iron meteorite bead, lecture.
14th Dec 2011 Society of Electron Microscope Technology, one day meeting, A FIBSEM subsurface glimpse of evolution, invited lecture.
14th Sept 2011 Cultural Herritage meets science: the interface (IOP), Mary Rose Trust, Portsmouth, Johnson D, Grady M M, Lowe T, Tyldesley J, A compositional and structural study of an ancient Egyptian iron meteorite bead, Johnson D, Grady MM, FIBSEM analysis of subsurface structure and chemistry within materials of cultural herritage, poster presentations.
8th-12th Aug 2011 74th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, Greenwich, UK,  Johnson D, Grady MM, Tyldesley J, Gerzeh a prehistoric Egyptian meteorite, lecture.
15th June 2011 MIDSEM users group, University of Birmingham,UK, Applications of FIBSEM to Geology and Archaeology, invited lecture.
9th- 10th Sept 2010 SEM2010, The British Museum, London,UK, Johnson D, Kearns S, Grady MM, Subsurface analysis by application of FIBSEM to samples of geological and historical importance, lecture.